Snap Designs is the home of Barry Sawyer, a web and graphic designer.

I help small businesses and charities communicate effectively in print and on the web

Helping small businesses grow bigger

It’s vital for any business, if they are to grow, to make a good impression. I can help small businesses:

  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Grow your customer base
  • Increase product sales

Helping charities make a difference

If a charity doesn’t communicate it’s message effectively it’s supporter base decreases and financial support dries up. I can help charities:

  • Communicate your message effectively
  • Grow your supporter base
  • Increase financial support

A small business I’ve helped...


Survey Homes does it exactly what it says on the tin – home surveys. Started in 2014, I helped this new business get off to good start by designing their logo, website and business stationery.

For a self-confessed IT dinosaur, the thought of setting up a website filled me with dread! A friend recommended Barry and he quickly worked out what type of site I needed. He dealt with the whole design process (including my logo) which has resulted in a website that meets all my requirements. It is pivotal to my new business and has already paid for itself.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Survey Homes

A charity I’ve helped…


Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) work with disadvantaged young people and they use their experience and research to support and train others working in this area. I helped them build a mobile-friendly website, produce exhibition stands and design their regular newsletter.

We have been very impressed with the ease of liaison and communication with Barry and ultimately the high quality of the end product as a result. The work is delivered at a very competitive rate as well, which is important for us as a small charity in the current economic climate.

Alastair Jones, CEO, FYT

What could a professionally designed website, that’s easy-to-use and put’s you in control do for your business or charity?

Latest from the blog...


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Just a few of the those I've helped...