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18 June 2014

Over the past few years I have undertaken work on a number of projects for Frontier Youth Trust (FYT), including a new website, newsletters, and exhibition stands. Earlier this year Alastair Jones, FYT’s CEO, approached me about designing a logo for Alongside, an FYT project that seeks to support, train and inspire Christian youth workers. Up until now the project didn’t have an identifiable logo or identity. 

Questions, questions!

The process started with FYT filling in my very own logo design questionnaire. This helps me get an understanding of the project, the target audience, anything to avoid or include in the design. It’s there to save time – mine and the clients.

In the beginning

One of the main elements I needed to be aware of was that the Alongside logo needed to work ‘alongside’ the main FYT logo. With this in mind I started off by avoiding shapes and focusing in on adapting the typeface to communicate the projects aim. The idea of parallel lines seemed to work so these were introduced to the word:


The feedback was fairly positive but they were keen to see something that had a more human element to it. This was something that had been mentioned in the logo design questionnaire.

Nearly there

In the second concept I tried to keep it simple but at the same time convey the human element of the support and encouragement offered. Using circles as heads and splitting the ‘O’ into quarters to represent arms I was attempting to convey the message that the support is multi-faceted. I avoided hands as together they either look romantic or very formal – neither of which fits with the project.


The feedback was once again positive. I was moving in the right direction, the human element was starting to come through but it needed to be a bit more explicit.

And finally

During the course of exchanging emails with Alastair he mentioned that the project acts as a sounding board for youth workers. This triggered an idea and concept 3 was born. Introducing some human silhouettes, along with two panels containing the project name and we had a winner. The perspective on the panels highlights the journey Alongside walks with those they work with.


After a few minor tweaks (including changing the gender of one of the figures and some colour variations a final design was agreed upon. And here it is in it’s full colourful glory:


Do you need a logo?

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