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13 December 2013

One of the services I provide at Snap Designs is web hosting. It’s not something I shout about or advertise boldly on the home page (maybe I should!), but if someone approaches me about building a website I always inquire about their present hosting set up. Some already have a domain name and hosting package they’re happy with (or tied to). That’s fine. In most cases I can work with that. But if they’re starting from scratch then I can help. Truth be told it’s easier for me to host websites that I’m asked to design and build.

The hosting I provide is with a UK-based company called Heart Internet. I set up a reseller account not long after starting Snap Designs. In all that time I have never had any problems with their product and they are always quick to deal with any problems and offer advice when asked. They recently announced a change to their hosting set up, with all their web hosting packages being upgraded to a ‘brand new cloud hosting platform’.

So what’s the benefit?

‘Cloud’ is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. Everything seems to be in the ‘cloud’. So what does it mean for clients who host their websites with me. Rather than me trying to explain it here’s what Heart Internet have to say:

‘Because our cloud servers do not rely on one single server to power your website or databases, you benefit from faster page load speeds and increased reliability. Using fully optimised cloud server clusters to support each other, these resources can be called upon instantly at any time so your website is always running at optimum levels.’

So where’s the catch?

Sounds good! But surely being upgraded to something bigger and better will cost? No! It’s all being done for free – thank you Heart Internet! And not only that, there will be no disruption for existing sites: ‘All upgrades will be done seamlessly with no break in service or any down time for your website.’ Thanks again Heart.

If you’re interested in talking to me about website hosting or you need a new website then please use the form on the Contact page. I’d be happy to help if I can.

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