Just in time for Christmas

5 November 2013

With Christmas not far away the 2013/2014 version of the UK Salvation Army’s International Development Unit’s JUST Gifts catalogue is now doing the rounds. 

The catalogue has some new gifts – Moringa Tree, Strawberry Plants and Fishing Equipment – in addition to the old favourites (what do you mean you’ve never bought a goat for Christmas!). And to help you buy the perfect gift for any occasion (remember a JUST Gift isn’t just for Christmas) there are a set of helpful icons (see above) dotted about the catalogue.

If you’re stuck for what to buy friends and relatives who already have so much why not consider buying something that will benefit those who have a lot less! The catalogue is available from id@salvationarmy.org.uk or visit the website: www.salvationarmy.org.uk/justgifts.

A digital version of the catalogue is available to view online.



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