On the move (again!)

17 June 2014

In the not so distant future I will be relocating offices (again!). Since starting Snap Designs in July 2007 I have worked in three different locations, starting in Wimbledon before moving to Sutton and presently in Morden. This latest move will be the shortest as I will be staying in Morden. The new office is literally a couple of stones throw from the present one.

The present office is on a site owned by the Salvation Army, who were recently approached by the Department of Education and have agreed to lease the site to them for a year to accommodate a new school.

The new office

On finding out that I would be losing my present office I was kindly offered desk space at Crown Lane Studio. The studio is owned and run by John and Ruth Merriman and has been going since summer 2007 (so we can celebrate our 7th birthday together in July). The added bonus is that the studio is located right behind Tariro Coffee House – home to Morden’s finest coffee and lovely home-made cakes.

Even though moving offices is a bit of an upheaval in reality it doesn’t have any tangible affect on any of my clients. My mobile number (I’ve never had a landline), email and web address stay the same. The only thing that changes is the physical address and that only affects a few clients who send cheques for payment. Of course if you do want to come and visit you’re more than welcome. Then you can taste for yourself how good Tariro’s coffee is!

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