New responsive WordPress website for SeeKenya

12 December 2013

SeeKenya are a UK based charity working to reduce blindness and provide specialist treatment and eye care services to marginalised communities within Kenya. They had an existing website but it needed a redesign and some extra functionality added so I was approached to help out. 

Working on this project provided a first for me: it was my first time building a website that someone else had designed. My usual practice is to both design and build a website. There are some differences in designing something for print and designing for the web. I find that when I am designing mock ups for a site I am already thinking about how I can code the design. There are times when I will change the design because I can already foresee coding problems. Thankfully the design for SeeKenya didn’t set any alarm bells ringing.

My job was to take the design and turn it into a responsive WordPress website – one where the layout responds to the device on which it is being viewed. The design provided was purely for a desktop view so the first task was to adapt the design for mobile and tablet views. Having worked on this I started coding for smaller screens and then adding code to adapt the layout to take advantage of larger screen estate.


With the website being built on WordPress it is easy to update. News item’s added will automatically display on the home page. The site also includes a sign up box for the SeeKenya newsletter which connects with the charities Campaign Monitor database, so no need for anyone to enter the details manually.

The website in all it’s glory can be seen here: Take a look and while you’re there why not donate a few pounds to this valuable work – there’s a nice big Donate Now button (you can’t miss it!).

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