B+H Sound Newsletter

    20 May 2013

    I’ve been designing the bi-annual B+H Sound Newsletter for over 8 years now and the latest issue – Spring 2013 – carries on the look and feel that has served them well over the years. B+H provide full sound, light, video and event support for any level of event, from a small one day conference to a multi-site, multi-date festival.  Continue reading “B+H Sound Newsletter”

    Explore 2013

    17 May 2013

    One of the projects that I particularly enjoy working on is Explore… – a UK Salvation Army magazine focusing on leadership. It’s one of those rare projects where I pretty much get free reign on the design. The design of the magazine makes use of good quality photography which plays a big part in the layout of each page.  Continue reading “Explore 2013”

    A Captivating Issue

    17 May 2013

    Captivated is 2013’s project from the UK Salvation Army’s International Development Unit. The project focuses on the issue of Human Trafficking. Previous year’s projects have focussed on providing access to clean water (Watershed) and exposing hidden hunger (Farm).  Continue reading “A Captivating Issue”

    A new Develop(ment)

    10 May 2013

    The latest issue of the Salvation Army’s International Development (SAID) newsletter Develop is available in print and online. The newsletter contains updates on a number of the projects that SAID run, including their involvement in the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, as well as news and views. Continue reading “A new Develop(ment)”

    New for 2012

    15 November 2012

    The vast majority of my clients have been with me long-term. I consider this a good sign, obviously I’m doing something right! Good as this is it’s always nice to welcome a new client on board. Continue reading “New for 2012”

    Just (gifts) finished

    12 October 2012

    With Christmas just around the corner Snap Designs has designed the latest incarnation of the UK Salvation Army’s International Development Unit’s JUST Gifts catalogue. This version follows the same style and layout of the previous catalogue but features some new gifts and a restructuring of the content, with each gift now falling into one of the five areas the unit work in.