A significant, responsive web presence

    8 August 2012

    The new website for Signify (www.significantleadership.co.uk), an organisation that coaches and develops leaders across a range of industries, is now live. The website is particularly significant as it is my first responsive design, meaning the layout adapts to the device (desktop, tablet, smart phone) it is displayed on. With more and more people using smaller devices to view the web responsive design is becoming increasingly important.

    Crown Woods College

    21 July 2012

    Over the past couple of years Snap Designs has been responsible for the design of the prospectus for Crown Woods School, a humanities college for 11-19 year olds. Alongside the main school prospectus we also designed an additional prospectus for the Arden, a Post 16 School on the Crown Woods College campus.

    Still something to Explore…

    18 June 2012

    Hot off the press is the fifth issue of Explore… – the UK Salvation Army’s magazine focusing on leadership. The publication features a number of articles, people’s personal stories and leadership resource reviews.

    Hello Ethical Goods

    24 May 2012

    Snap Designs is glad to welcome Ethical Goods to it’s client list. Ethical Goods creates partnerships between companies and relevant charities to mutual benefit by bringing to market ethically made, sourced and sold products and services making a world of difference to people and planet. Continue reading “Hello Ethical Goods”

    Hidden hunger exposed

    20 December 2011

    FARM was launched in 2011 by the UK Salvation Army’s International Development unit. Addressing the issue that 1 billion people in our world are going hungry and another billion suffer from hidden hunger, FARM seeks to support farmers – many of whom are amongst the hungry – to grow and raise what they need to support their families.

    Snap Designs designed the main multi-page FARM flyer which included two posters, along with a DVD case, PowerPoint slides and PDF templates.

    B+H Sound Packaged Systems

    20 April 2011

    Snap Designs have just completed designing a range of advertising materials for B+H Sound’s new package systems. The materials included four A4 leaflets, an A5 flyer and a pull-up Banner Stand.