Develop Newsletter – Autumn 2010

    7 January 2011

    Snap Designs produced the the Autumn 2010 issue of Develop – a 24-page newsletter from the UK Salvation Army’s International Development unit.

    The newsletter is produced biannually and contains articles and new items relating to the teams work around the world.


    7 January 2011

    Generation is the lastest project from the UK Salvation Army’s International Development unit. The project focuses on the need to shift the balance in a number of areas by investing in the world’s poorest people, helping them to reach their potential.

    Snap Designs designed the main multi-page flyer which included two posters, along with a DVD case, PowerPoint slides and PDF templates.

    Sparx Careers logo

    2 July 2010

    Sparx Careers are a new company who provide ‘high value recruitment and career management services to employers to help them recruit, select, induct and develop top graduates and future leaders’.

    Snap Designs were asked to come up with a logo and business stationery that would appeal not only to those looking for opportunities but to potential employers as well.

    Equity Invest website redesign

    19 January 2010

    Eight years after designing Equity Invest’s original website I recently got to redesign it to fit in with a marketing campaign.

    The new site ( is more user-friendly than it’s predecessor as well as incorporating cleaner and lighter code which should make it quicker to navigate.

    Just Gifts Catalogue

    20 November 2009

    Having produced a gift catalogue for the past few years The Salvation Army’s International Development department decided it was time for a rebrand. Snap Designs were given the task of rebranding and designing a variety of materials.

    Just Gifts is a 20-page catalogue that advertises 48 gifts that benefit people and developing communities around the world. Along with the catalogue, six gift cards and 48 individual gift vouchers have been produced.

    Still sounding good

    20 November 2009

    The most recent B+H Sound newsletter, a double-sided A4 sheet, that goes out twice a year, has just been dispatched to the printers. Each newsletter highlights the different events and productions that B+H Sound have provided services for.

    A new dimension with WordPress

    17 November 2009

    It’s nearly a year since this site was launched. Even though I have been designing websites since 2001 it was the first one I built using WordPress. WordPress is an incredibly flexible system which started life as blogging platform but has been developed so that it can now be used as a CMS (Content Management System).

    Since launching this website in 2008 I have completed two other websites – and – using WordPress. This has enabled these clients to add, update and delete content.

    Over the coming months I will be working on three other websites, all of which will utilise the power and flexibilty of WordPress.

    As someone who is primarily a web designer, WordPress has enabled me to be able to design and develop websites which are dynamic – there is no way I would be able to build a content management system from the ground up! This is good for me and good for my clients.

    Explore… 2009/10 Magazine

    16 November 2009

    Explore… is an annual magazine that focuses on spiritual leadership. It is produced by the UK Salvation Army’s Candidates Unit (responsible for dealing with people applying to be full-time leaders in the Salvation Army).

    The 2009/10 issue of Explore… contains 32 pages and contains articles, interviews and personal stories. This is the second issue that Snap Designs has designed.

    DBRG Logo

    10 November 2009

    DBRG (Database Research Group) is a new business based in Surrey which needed a logo and business stationery.

    Chris Anley from DBRG contacted Snap Designs having found us online, requesting a logo design that was clean and corporate. Having submitted three separate designs for consideration, the chosen logo was then applied to business cards, compliment slips and letterheads.

    ROOTS returns

    4 November 2009

    After taking a break in 2009 ROOTS, the UK Salvation Army’s biggest annual event, is back. Having been involved with previous events Snap Designs were asked to design and develop a new website (

    Built using WordPress as a Content Management System, the ROOTS Team have the ability to add news items and new pages, as well as edit existing content when appropriate.