What on Earth

    13 October 2009

    Earth is the latest project run by the UK Salvation Army’s International Development team. Focusing on the issue of climate and the impact this is having on the world’s poorest people Earth seeks to help people Reduce, Respond and React appropriately.

    Snap Designs were asked to come up with a logo and identity that could be used across a variety of resources – flyer, poster, DVD-Rom case, downloadable PDFs, adverts.

    Dolphin School website

    13 October 2009

    A big part of Snap Designs ongoing work for Dolphin School was the design and development of a new website (www.dolphinschool.org.uk).

    The website has been built using WordPress, giving staff members the ability to update the Latest News and Events Calendar sections themselves. Other features on the site include rotating images on the header and an easily updated picture gallery.

    Village Office new business, new logo

    12 February 2009

    The latest logo design completed by Snap Designs is for Village Office, a new serviced office business in Wimbledon Village, south-west London.

    The Village Office logo features a line drawing of the clock tower located in the heart of Wimbledon Village. The original concepts featured the same logo but with a line drawing of a tree. The idea was to reflect the fact that the office complex is right next to Wimbledon Common. It was felt that the clock tower was a more appropriate local symbol.

    Quality recognised

    2 December 2008

    A website I designed and built while in my previous job has received an award. The Trentham Invest website – www.trenthaminvest.co.uk – has been awarded a quality mark by IFA Life a website for Independent Financial Advisors.

    The award is given for a number of reasons most of which are beyond my control – quality of content, frequency of updates, etc – but one of the requirements is one I was responsible for:

    Layout, design, ease of navigation and professional appearance

    The site is regularly updated by myself, most notably with articles which appear in the local and national press and finance publications written by Nicola Downs, the company director.

    Dolphin School’s new look

    28 November 2008

    It took a while but I (and more importantly the customer) think it was worth the wait. Dolphin School, an independent primary school in Wandsworth, south London, now has a new logo.

    The logo quite naturally draws on the image of a dolphin and only uses two colours, meaning that reproduction costs can be kept to a minimum. Alongside the Dolphin School logo a new logo for Noah’s Ark Nursery School has also been produced. As with all good logos both work in black and white – a format that has already been used in a magazine advert.

    The new logo is just the start with a new website and prospectus planned for 2009.