New look and feel in latest WordPress update

17 December 2013

Any website I’ve designed and developed in the past five years has been built on WordPress. Having started life as a blogging platform WordPress has grown into a fully fledged content management system powering a huge amount of websites on the world wide web.

The team behind WordPress are constantly working to improve it and making it more secure. This means that updates – minor and major – come out on a regular basis. I always strive to keep my WordPress-powered websites up-to-date so they work well and are secure. Most WordPress updates aren’t visible on screen and when they are the’re quite subtle. That has changed with the latest major update.

WordPress 3.8 ‘Parker’

Each major WordPress update is tagged with a name of a famous jazz musician. WordPress 3.8 is named ‘Parker’ in honour of Charlie Parker. One of the most significant parts of this update is that the WordPress dashboard has been given a facelift. And that’s really the reason for this post. Over the coming weeks I plan to update all my WordPress sites to this latest update but I didn’t want to do this without prior warning. For any clients that use WordPress you will notice a difference (a good one I think) in the look and feel but the structure is basically the same.

If you’re interested¬†a full overview of this significant update¬†has been posted on

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